Nothing adds style quite like mod décor!


At Mod Furniture & Décor, we love to complete the look of a room with modern and stylish décor pieces.  Placing the finishing touches in a room finishes the design and adds an individual imprint of style to the room.  We enjoy beginning with rugs and mirrors whenever we decorate a room.   It is so easy to make a décor statement with a colorful or geometric rug!     Not only do they look terrific, but a well-placed rug can add warmth and comfort to the room.    Keeping the drafts out while staying within the modern décor is easy with our varied offerings of rugs.    Our selection of mirrors is also varied, available in a variety of styles and colors to fit perfectly with any room theme.

Well-placed pillows are a must for any room!   Pillows add a definition to the room and help give the room a cozy and comfortable feeling.   Our pillows are also available in many shades and tones to compliment your room décor.    Mod Furniture & Décor invites you to finish the room with art and accent pieces that reflect your individual style and modern taste.    Add the Abstra Sitting Lady or the Petardo Sculpture on Base for an instant conversation piece.    Interesting art work, whether it’s hanging on the wall or well-placed on an accent table is always much appreciated by friends and family alike.